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Change is one of those things that you cannot stop. The universe changes daily and there is no way to put a stop to it. There is movement on a molecular level and this means that everything will keep changing. 

The sun will rise and set. People are perpetually moving with our economies and politics. Transactions never stop because there are needs for different products and services. We continue to grow and age. That means that we are constantly moving towards new phases in life. The hands of time just keep ticking. 

So many people don’t like change because it means that they are not in control. Is that you? The idea of change in life means uncertainty and uncertainly creates fear. Are you afraid of moving to a new state? Are you afraid of starting your new job? In both of those examples, uncertainty is a factor. 

Its important to realized that the book of your life has sentences, paragraphs, and chapters. Each of these has a beginning and an end. They must end in order for a new beginning to start. The good news is that each new sentence, paragraph, and chapter in your book of life has the potential to be better than those before them. This is something you can be excited about. Don’t be afraid to let go. Letting go of the past is how you acquire bigger and better circumstances and opportunities. 

The fear of failure is of the reasons so many of us avoid risks that could result in happiness, abundance, and prosperity. Perhaps you think that an idea or project has to be “perfect”. That’s not going to happen because your definition of perfect is going to change. If you have a goal or dream, get a plan and make it happen. I can tell you now that it’s not going to happen the way you planned for it to happen but that’s ok because the detours sometimes make it all even better. The change that follows Is going to make your life better and present even more opportunities to you. The first draft of anything you do is not going to be your best, but it’s very important. The first draft is the difference between getting started and doing nothing. Get started! 

Remember that you cannot control every aspect of your life. That’s ok because you don’t need to! God’s plan for you is alive and well and sometimes God will throw you a curveball because he needs you to go in a new direction. God is there and he is leading you where he needs you to be. Change is how he is getting it all done. You just have to have faith and realize that all things are not happening to you, they are happening for you! 

Terrance Thomas

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