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Success is not random. It’s not a matter of it being your “good luck” year. Success is about planning and being clear about what you want to achieve in life. Set a clear vision. If you want success bad enough, there are no limits to what you are capable of achieving. 

Clarity is critical. After all, you cannot hit a target that you don’t have. Are you trying to lose weight? Well, how much weight would you like to lose? Are you trying to earn more money? How much money would you like to earn specifically, and by when? Put a date on it. Would you like to write a book? What is the book about? How many chapters are going to be in your book? How many chapters will you write daily and when will your book be published? Write down every detail that your brain can pr oduce. 

Answering specific questions about your goals makes them realistic. You should also put your goals on paper. I use a daily planner. I write my daily objectives in my planner. Tuesday may read ” Complete chapter 12 and research chapter 13″. I have not transitioned over to digital planners yet. A daily planner will allow you to track your activity and monitor your results. If you have not done anything to complete your goals, your planning will tell you the raw truth. Having your goals on paper will also help you identify the obstacles that are hindering your progress. 

You cannot get somewhere in life if you don’t know where you are going. Think about what you want and who you want to be in detail, put it on paper, then get up and make it happen!

Terrance Thomas

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