3 Steps to a better attitude today

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Bad attitudes are everywhere. I have dealt with the bad attitudes of others and I have had moments where my attitude just sucked the life out of everyone around me. Here are 3 steps to help you change your attitude. 

  1.        Understand that God has a plan and that you may not understand it. I would often tell my wife to look at quilts with unique designs. I point to one little square and say that it represents an event in our lives. When we look at that one square it makes no sense at all, but if we look at the whole blanket (God’s plan), we can see the purpose of that one square and how it fits into the blanket perfectly. 
  2.        Know that purpose comes with pain. There is a reason we go through trying times. I feel like the reason God allows us to feel pain and experience turmoil is so that we will come out wiser, stronger, and better. The pain is not there to demote you. It’s there to promote you. To take you higher than ever. I spent so much time being unforgiving towards my mother throughout my life. I was angry at her for breaking so many promises. Then in 2014, she died. I realized that those around us who we love will not live forever. I started talking to my family more and rebuilding relationships because my mother’s death opened my eyes to a new truth. The pain of losing my mother motivated me to grow the relationships around me. 
  3.        Let go of the past. It’s hard. This is something that I am actively working on every day. I have been very successful at letting memories go. When you are ready to be and feel better, you must forgive those who hurt you. Forgiveness is not for the person that you are forgiving, it’s for you. It allows you to let that pain go and move forward. Imagine trying to walk forward while you are looking back. If you keep walking and looking backward, you will probably break your ankle stepping into potholes. Look forward! Your greatest and best days are ahead of you!

Terrance Thomas

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