Life is a game of chess

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Sometimes we get into situations that seem hopeless. These negative circumstances feel as if they have absolute dominion over our lives and they will not change. Have you ever felt powerless and stuck? So stuck that no matter what you do, you can’t change anything about your circumstances and pain and tears and despair are the only result? These circumstances are like the squares on a chessboard. You are required to move across the squares on the board to get to where you are going in life. What about the chess pieces? Who is moving the pieces? 

I have no fear because I know that God is moving the pieces. This gives me peace of mind and it should for you too. You can’t control the pieces on the board. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about trying to control everything because God is executing his plan and strategy. He is doing the work for you. God will not put you in situations that he is not able to get you out of. The Lord puts life into you and his circle of protection is around you. 

I was about 11 years old and I was walking to the South Oaks Motel from school. I arrived at the motel and my clothes and belongings were in a pile on the grass outside of our room. I did not know where my baby brother was, but a woman who was a friend of my mothers was there. With tears in her eyes she said “Terrance, the police have taken your mother to prison. She said to find your brother and go to your Aunt’s home.” She stood up and left. I was terrified. I did not know what to do except for my instructions. I did what I was told to do and everything worked out because God was there. He never left me. That was a moment in my life where I had no control and I did not know what to do. It all worked out because God is moving the pieces. 

People are going to criticize you, manipulate you, abandon you, discredit you, lie to you and laugh at you. That is ok. The manipulation, abandonment, discrediting, and lies ultimately will promote and lift you even higher! It’s part of God’s plan. Those people are all pawns on the Chessboard of life. People may have said that you are out, but God says “You are in!” and that you are just getting started! Negative people cannot stop your destiny. Every person that has ever said “no” or made you feel less than worthy is being used by God in your favor. My mom always said, “God works in mysterious ways.” God will remove those people and circumstances from your life when it’s time to move forward!

Terrance Thomas

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