A time of pain

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Thank you, Anita

You came in a time of pain

You came during turmoil

When there was only winter and rain

Life is different now

It will never be the same

We find it much better

Since the day that you came

From the way we spend our time

To the things we now eat

You showed us a new way

And how bitter can be turned sweet

You often read and relax

In the room with a book or two

You taught us to pay attention

To our words and the things we do

Life is full of blessings

That we must choose to embrace

I have a choice between

Laughs, smiles, or the tears on my face

You literally helped us walk 

And get back into life

Your presence meant adventure

As we moved out of strife

You are silly

And often you make jokes

You have made stone-cold hearts warm

As we hang up our coats

A new season has come

And we now have warm days

Starting with you

We now begin a new page

As you return to England

We express gratitude 

We are in debt to you

For rebuilding our life, love, and attitude

Terrance Thomas

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