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It’s easy to think that you have nothing going on and that nothing significant happens daily. It’s easy to overlook the interactions and conversations that you have regularly, thinking that there is nothing special going on. 

My mom always said “God works in mysterious ways” and I certainly believe that he does. Back in 2007, I found myself at a Starbucks in Abilene Texas showing my pastor a business plan when a woman walked up and introduced herself as “Suzy.” She said that she liked what I was doing and wanted to show me something that was going to change my life. She handed me a DVD titled “Pass It On.” She told me that she wanted the DVD back when I was finished with it. We exchanged phone numbers so that I could return the DVD. Two weeks went by and I did not even glance at the DVD. She would call asking if I watched it and she knew that the answer was no. I later learned why. 

One day I was looking at the DVD and finally decided to watch it. I had nothing else to do. Upon watching the DVD, my life was changed. The movie shared the success secrets of entrepreneurs from around the world. I felt empowered. I watched it several times before calling Suzy. When I called her, she knew that I had seen it because of the enthusiasm in my voice. That’s what she was waiting for. I returned the DVD to Suzy. 

A little time later, I decided that I would reach out to the writer and producer of the movie; Greg S. Reid. I found him on social media. He was kind and told me about a book release event in Anaheim California for his new project “Three Feet from Gold.” I did not have much money but I purchased a plane ticket and flew to California from Texas! 

At the event, I had the opportunity to meet Ruben Gonzalez, an Olympic Gold Medalist. I met Sharon Lechter, co-author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad books, and Les Brown “The Motivator.” One of the awesome people I met was the author and speaker David Corbin. I have been in contact with him for a decade and he continues to positively influence me and countless others. 

After meeting these wonderful people, many of them became my mentors and helped me develop. My first book “We Must Fail to Succeed” was a product of their influence. I also developed the courage to tell my story and that became my career as a speaker. I, later on, traveled to China where I would influence countless others. 

You never know how God might use others in your life and you never know how God will use you. God uses both the big and small things to deliver us and that’s why we should never take the small things for granted. 

Terrance Thomas

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