The storm

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There is a rumor of a storm that is coming. It is going to destroy everything in its path. It is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. This force of nature is respected as the birds migrate away and other wildlife takes cover. People are evacuating and boarding up their property. 

People are stocking up on batteries, non-perishable foods, and water. This storm is serious. Winds pick up and signs are waving back and forth as if they were waving. Swirls of massive dark clouds form overhead and beautiful sheets of rain start falling as ditches and storm drains begin to flood. 

Power lines are ripped from their transformers and dangling low to the ground as the wind rips off the roofs of houses and knock trees over that have been standing for decades. Branches go airborne and land in the most unsuspecting of places. 

Doors fly open and windows shatter. Trashcans roll across yards and streets end up submerged. This storm pounds the landscape and changes it by the second. 

The enemy has whispered in your ear. He who intends to defeat you left a message that is meant to sabotage you and your goals in life. The enemy said, “You will not survive this storm.” The enemy chuckles at the idea and leaves you, confident that you will cower. 

The enemy does not know who you are. The enemy does not know of the power and strength that is inside of you. Your determination and commitment. The enemy does not know how tenacious you are. There is a resilience inside of you that comes from the pain of your past. 

Every tear you have cried created a stronger you. The enemy has no idea what he is talking about, does he? You are not afraid. You are not going to cower. You will not bend over backward because of the circumstances. Why?

It’s because you are the storm…

Terrance Thomas

This storm has your name.

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