How to bring life to your dreams

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Think for a moment. What kinds of things have you said to yourself lately?

When I was a child I remember seeing my mother repeatedly going to prison and doing drugs. My mother would talk about getting arrested every day. She also would follow up her discussion with actions like parole violations that resulted in warrants for her arrest. What you say becomes your reality. 

Your life goes in the direction of your words. If you complain and augment the things you hate in life, you will get more of them. Some people send their life the wrong way with their words. You cannot talk about defeat every day and expect victory. You must learn to speak the language of blessings. That is when you place focus on the things you appreciate and talk about them. Examine your life for a moment. Relative to the rest of the world, you have many things to be thankful for. Expand these things by talking about them every day. 

The enemy need not defeat us when we defeat ourselves with words of poison. Let not your tongue be black and filled with insult and doubt. Declare your blessings today. I am thankful for my wife who takes care of me. I am thankful for my aunt who sends me messages every day. I am thankful for my health as I know it could be significantly worse. I declare right now that I am blessed. May my eyes remain open to the fact that this moment here right now is not promised! I am alive and with the woman, I love right here, right now.   

It is only when you say that you are having a bad day that people treat you as if you are having a bad day. Then the day starts going downhill. Don’t dwell on the problem, talk about the solution. There are two voices inside of you. One is the voice of victory; one is the voice of defeat. You choose which voice will have life when you speak. I am not defeated and so I will not give life to the voice of defeat. Speak prosperity, increase, abundance, happiness, blessings, wisdom, and health when your thoughts become words. Speak life into your dreams…

Terrance Thomas

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