Why you need to lift your eyes

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Being able to live and enjoy the best of God’s promises requires us to have a vision. You have to be able to see beyond the pain we are experiencing today. You have to must understand that your pain has a purpose that has yet to reveal itself. 

It’s easy to get stuck and to play the blame game. It’s easy to focus on our failures and setbacks. Sometimes things don’t work out and we tend to dwell on them. Perhaps you did not get that promotion at work. Perhaps the medical report came back and it did not show the kind of healing you were hoping for. Maybe, you are preparing to go through a divorce or financial difficulty. Things can get bad real fast and you do not want to get caught in a rut created by your thoughts and words. 

When things get tough, it may be hard to focus on the glory of God and all of His blessings in your life. When things appear to be falling apart, you may want to just cry and as God “Why did you do this to me? What have I gotten myself into?” 

If you feel like you are being held down and pushed over, that is the opportunity to place your focus on the promises of God and not your problems. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to turn your worry into worship! 

Do you want to rise above your problems? If yes, readjust your vision and focus. We sometimes look at the lives of other people and we compare ourselves to them. This puts us in a position of weakness because God uses all circumstances to build us and to get us where he needs us to go. 

I was a kid out on the street begging for money to support my mom’s drug addiction when I was a child. I thought that God had forgotten about me. I later found out that I was being prepared for a life as a speaker and the stories that I collected as a child out on the streets were valuable. Those same stories that I was ashamed of are the same stories I tell my audiences today. God was always there and his plan was always active. 

God sometimes needs you to lift your eyes above the chaos and turmoil that you are experiencing now to see something greater. God’s plan for your life is greater than your pain and frustration. Dr. Robert Criner said, “Whatever you focus on, will expand”. This is why you need to be focused on your blessings in life. No matter what your circumstances are, you have it better than 90% of people in the world. Focusing on all that is good in your life also means that your blessings will grow. You will attract the goodness of God into your life. 

You have the promises of God and you must not forget them. God wants to reveal himself to you in powerful ways. God has plans for you that exceed your imagination and lifetime. Your journey is still active. Your setbacks are used to prepare you for the best of what’s coming. 

Have faith and life your eyes. 

As my mother Willie Marie Davis always said “God may not be there when you want him to be, but he is ALWAYS on time!” 

Terrance Thomas

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